Summer Styling Q&A With Michelle Keegan

STELLAR PROMOTION: The Brassic star fills us in on her summer faves, from loungewear to occasionwear!

As we take another stylish step towards freedom this summer, Michelle Keegan has once again teamed up with Littlewoods Ireland for a staycation-ready collection of summer staples. We caught up with the woman herself…

Michelle, it’s been an insane year for just about everyone – how have the past 12 months been for you?

The first lockdown was actually quite a nice change for me because I got to spend time at home, in my home comforts. We had such a lovely summer, the weather was beautiful so I was able to go for nice walks with the dogs, eat outside and be in my natural surroundings. The other half of lockdown was quite normal for me because I was back at work with Brassic although we obviously had quite a lot of covid restrictions and testing. It did seem a bit strange because although for me it felt back to normal, life wasn’t because I still wasn’t able to see family and friends and socialise.

How have you kept busy? Do you have any projects in the pipeline?

Like I said I’ve been working filming Brassic, which went on for 7 months last year, I only wrapped a month ago and also I’ve been working alongside Littlewoods Ireland doing my own shoots at home, gallery shots and aspirational shots which I found really creative and fun. I’ve been in talks for other projects towards the end of this year and next year. Obviously I can’t say too much but – really exciting, I’ve been really busy but in a good way.

One project we’re seriously excited about is your new collection for Littlewoods Ireland, who you’ve been working with for a few years now. What keeps you coming back for more?

I’ve been working with Littlewoods Ireland for a good few years now. I love the brand so much because it’s always evolving, but it’s also really relatable too. My mum and my friends love it too, and for me I just feel like it’s a really nice brand to work alongside. I get to be creative as well and have a great creative input to my collection which I find really interesting. To see a sketch or a trend to go from a piece of paper to a customer wearing that product still excites me 4 years down the line.

If you had to pick one or two pieces from the collection as must-haves, what would they be?

The polka dot dress because I think that would look amazing if you’re going to an occasion like a christening or a birthday party so you can dress it up but I also think it would look really nice with a pair of heels or trainers, it’s so versatile. And the ombre maxi dress, I just love that for a holiday or even a summer’s day to go for a picnic or a date day or something. I think it’s really unusual and I love the bright colours, so they’re my two favourite outfits of the collection if I had to choose…but I love everything.

We love that the collection embraces everything from loungewear to pieces you can really dress up in. Was it important to you to have that mix?

It was really important that I had a mix of clothing in the range because for me it’s part of a full wardrobe. You can’t have all dressy clothes or all loungewear. I know we had a lot of loungewear last year because obviously everyone was in lockdown, but I feel now everything is shifting where people are starting to go out a little bit more now and plan for events. I wanted to ensure that there is something in the wardrobe for everyone for different occasions. Obviously the summer weather is unpredictable, so I like that you get the loungewear that can be a bit warmer and the knits that you can layer, but you’ve also got the tea dresses and summer dresses for when those summer days arrive!

Has your style changed at all this past year?

I would say my style has changed this year. I feel like loungewear for me before covid was just loungewear, something that you wear with a pair of slippers in the house indoors, you wouldn’t really wear it outside, whereas now I find myself wearing loungewear with a really nice pair of trainers and like an oversized coat. For me, I feel like my comfy wear has become my outwear now, if you style it up nicely it can look really nice.

What did you miss most about dressing up?

I’d say feeling different, I think because I was so used to wearing comfy clothes whether it was indoor or going for a walk, because I was wearing trainers, slippers, flat shoes quite a lot, I like the feel that dressing up gives you a confidence boost. I think you can feel different within yourself but in a positive way and I think sometimes as well when you do get dressed up it does feel a bit more special, so for me that’s what I missed.

 There’s loads of nice summery pieces in the collection, do you prefer summer dressing?

I’d probably say yes, just because I find it more simple. I like the idea of just throwing on a summer dress and a pair of sandals. It’s quite effortless in summer in the day, instead of wearing layers that you know you have to put the right tonals with and the same colour palettes and different textures. With summer, you literally put on a tea dress, denim jacket and it can be great for day and night, so I find it easier dressing for summer plus I like the colours in summer as well, it just sort of lifts your mood.

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