Suzanne Jackson Just Dropped A Brand New Beauty Launch, 4 Days After Her Wedding

She revealed the new products on Facebook.

Just a few short days after celebrating her marriage to Dylan O’Connor, Suzanne Jackson has excited fans with the news of a brand new beauty launch, aimed specifically at brides.

Suzanne took to her Facebook page to tell her followers about her new The Wedding Collection launch, that consists of nails and false lashes.

“Our founder and creator @sosueme_ie was so inspired by finding the right lash and nail look for her big day, she wanted to share them with everyone, and has created two beautiful new products,” reads the update.

“The wedding nails: an exact look of Sue’s gel nails from the day of her wedding!” the posts continues. “The wedding lash: the lashes Sue wore over her few semi permanent lashes to give volume and length.”

Knowing Sue’s previous beauty brand success we’ve no doubt her latest venture will be a massive hit too. Are you excited to buy it?

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