Sweater Vests Aren’t Just For Your Grandad Anymore, They’re This Season’s Hottest Trend

We blame you, Harry Styles

In one of the most unexpected turns 2019 has taken, we are both happy and slightly confused to report that sweater vests are no longer naff, they’re in fact one of this season’s coolest trends.

According to the fashion world, having a root through your grandad’s wardrobe might be advisable, because back in September of this year, the streets of all of the most fashionable cities in the world were littered with sweater vests for Fashion Week.

More recently, the trend was solidified in the realm of cool by the ever-stylish Harry Styles, who somehow nodded to the likes of Princess Diana and Mick Jagger all at once with his pattern-clashing sweater vest ensemble.

Think layering, clashing prints, and mixing textures. The sky really is the limit with this look, it seems the madder the vest the better. And the worst part about the trend? It actually looks really cool and we already have at least 3 vests added to our carts, god damn you Harry Styles.

We reckon this look will be around for some time yet, particularly throughout the colder months in 2020 so investing in one or two for your wardrobe won’t be a total waste of your time and money, but in fact a smart move in keeping warm while still looking cool.

Here’s a few to whet your appetite:

Daisy Street Sleeveless Sweater Vest – Asos – €24

Cotton Blend Striped Tank Top – And Other Stories – €39

Knitted Cotton Vest – ARKET – €69

Skylar Rose Cropped Knit – Asos – €44

Keep Your Cool Sweater Vest – Dolls Kill – €29



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