Team STELLAR Tested Out L’Oréal Elvive’s New Dream Lengths Range, And Here’s What They Think

Will Dream Lengths save our long hair?

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Linda Conway, Fashion Editor

My poor hair. It got a world of abuse in my late teens and early twenties. Now, I just want to shower it with masks and lovely products to make up for the years of torture. My hair behaves pretty well but I’m lazy with it. I’m a sceptic with hair products too, but I was excited to try L’Oréal’s Dream Lengths range – could I make my hair look good in between trips to my hairdresser?

It was a good time to trial; I inspected my hair closely and the ends were super dry. The overall condition wasn’t great either to be honest, I was just back from a holiday where temperatures plummeted to -8 degrees. I used the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment – I wanted to see wha this range could do even without using the intensive hair mask.


I did a double wash then pulled the conditioner through the ends, giving a light massage through the hair before rinsing with lukewarm water. It felt softer already, but I still wanted more. Brushing through the wet hair was considerably easier, it felt more manageable. I followed this with a pea-sized amount of No Haircut Cream – a little bottle of magic, I would say! My split ends appeared reduced and my lengths looked healthy.

The Result: Well, I was sold. I’ve been using it for two weeks and my hair feels great. It’s shiny and certainly more manageable. I’ve since tried the mask too and it also gives great results. Fair play, L’Oréal, fair play.

Vicki Notaro, Editor In Chief

I am a shampoo addict. I use several different types every week – one to clarify and remove build-up, one for volume on nights out, and one to nourish my fine, coloured locks the rest of the time. What I’m lacking is commitment!

So what were my concerns about a fortnight of Dream Lengths? Few, actually. The packaging is super pretty, it smells great and I love the brand. My only worry is that the formula might be too rich for my hair, which is prone to greasiness at the roots. I needn’t have worried. Two weeks in, and I absolutely love it.

My hair is squeaky clean after I use the shampoo, the conditioner is a dream and the mask treatment is ideal to use every week to ten days for nourishment and shine. The No Haircut Cream is my hero product from the range – I don’t always want to do a full blow dry on my long hair, because it takes ages. It controls frizz, so I can smooth it on and let it air dry. Plus, it helps to reinforce your lengths and reduces the look of split ends.

The Result: I will be incorporating this entire system into my rotational routine, and using the No Haircut Cream every single time I air my gruaig this summer. The range is reasonably priced and my hair loves it, so that means I love it too.