The #1 Secret To Applying False Eyelashes Like A Pro

There's a knack to falsies; and we've mastered it. Heck, we're even gonna share it.

Nars for Rodarte SS15

False eyelashes, eh? They’re stunning, dramatic, seriously glam, and um, damn infuriating to put on. So what’s the trick? Well, after scanning heaps of Pinterest boards, checking in with a tonne of in-the-know beauty bloggers and a helluva lot of practice, we’ve finally found a technique that sticks – literally.

Here it is…

  • Don’t apply glue to false lashes. Yep, thats it.
  • Instead carefully apply lash glue (We like Benefit Lash Glue Clear Adhesive, €10, Boots) along your lash line. Why? It’ll grab your falsies and get them right to the correct spot and not half way up your eyelid or too far down your lashes.benefit_lash_glue
  • Want a bonus tip? Let the glue get tacky (usually around 30 seconds) and while you wait, gently bend the falsies into a C shape. This makes them less straight and more oval – just like your eyes. In other words, easier to place on your eyelid.
  • Then gently nudge them in place using the blunt end of a tweezer; finish by filling out any gaps with a liquid eyeliner and add a coat or two of mascara, like Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara, €26. Simple as that.


Lashes we love…


Urban Decay Urban Lash False Eyelashes Darlin, €15.50, Debenhams. 



Shu Uemura Eyelashes Luxe Black, €17.50, Brown Thomas. 

eylure_dramatic_false_eye_lashesEylure Dramatic False Eyelashes, €9.95, Boots. 


Pic credit: Nars