The 15 Best Movie Makeovers Of All Time

Because if there's one thing Hollywood is good at, it's making a pretty gal even prettier.

Tai from Clueless

When she shows up at Bronson Alcott High, Tai is fond of a maroon semi and is wearing a troll t-shirt. That is until Cher, who is fond of a project, gets her wealthy paws on her, washes out that nasty dye and decks her out in checks and knee socks. Sadly, Tai’s attitude is made over in the wrong way, leading to the iconic “just a virgin who can’t drive” quote. It’s also worth noting that Cher makes over their teacher, Miss Geist, too – kindly, meddlesome lass that she is.

“Are you wearing the Chan-” “The Chanel boots? Yeah, I am!”

The Devil Wears Prada

Anne Hathaway is obvs ripe for an oul’ makeover, as the montage fairies visit her twice on this last. Her Devil Wears Prada character Andy starts out frizzy-haired, with baggy, uncoordinated clothes and an air of general dysfunction. A kindly art director at Runway takes pity on her, lets her into the mythical fashion closet and sets the beauty editors on her. Andy emerges a swan in Chanel, with a cute fringe to boot. Now, which STELLAR staffer would like me to have a go at them? Anyone?

Sandy in Grease

Ahh, the ultimate of good girl gone bad, with the help of a perm and some sewn on trousers. Australian newbie Sandy is a sweetheart with a fondness for pastels and oodles of school spirit, but ultimately gives up her floor length nightie and goodie two shoes attitude for school hero Danny.

“Tell me about it, stud.”

The bit when she rocks up at the school fete decked out in leather and lippie is still a jaw-dropper, even though this look shows up the fact that Olivia Newton John was about 35 (okay, 29) when the film was made. Danny’s concession to a makeover in the name of love? Swapping his leather jacket for a letterman cardi. Weak, but at least he tried.


Possibly the original makeover scene in movies, and the best because it involves good old fashioned magic! If only we all had a fairy godmother to knock over on a Saturday night and turn our rags into couture, huh? Now Cinders was a ride before the waving of the wand, but scrubs up like royalty in a supremely uncomfortable looking blue gown.

Cady Heron

When we first meet Lindsay Lohan’s cute redhead Cady, she’s just arrived to America from Africa and has never been to high school. But all too quickly, she’s assimilated into the popular group with a plan to destroy the bullies from the inside out. Gone are her oversized shirts and ponytails, replaced with lip gloss and push-up bras. We gotta say, we dig this sexy Noughties style even now!

Laney Boggs

She’s All at is a 90s teen classic, but when you look back at it now, it’s fairly ridiculous. Did Freddie Prinze Jr really not cop that behind the thick glasses, Laney Boggs was a stone cold fox? Did her baggy, paint stained clothes actually hide her beauty?

You can tell she has a bangin’ bod when they go the beach FFS, but it took a red spaghetti-strap dress and a bob for him to see she’s absolutely unreal. And that makes us think he simply doesn’t deserve her.

Josie Grossie

The crux of Never Been Kissed is a second chance at high school, but why anyone would want that is beyond me. Still journalist Josie wants to not feel invisible among the teen queen bees, but even with a spiffy 90s makeover, her confidence isn’t quite there. It takes the love of a teacher (creepy now, looking back) to bring our her true radiance. Girl, you don’t need a guy for that, just highlighter.

Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts is the pretty woman in question, obvious right away despite her trashy outfits. In fact she’s more than pretty, she’s goddamn stunning and those snotty cows on Rodeo Drive were foolish not to look past the thigh-highs, IMO.

However when rich ol’ Edward (Richard Gere) decides to splash his cash to give her a makeover so nobody will suspect she’s a prostitute, he unveils not only her beauty but her elegance. Creepy, but people love it!

The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is a rough and tumble kinda gal, and that’s a good thing seeing as she lives in the underprivileged District 12. But being selected for The Hungers Games doesn’t JUST mean you get to fight to the death for honour and entertainment! No, it also means you get a makeover by none other than Lenny Kravitz, wearing gold eyeliner.

The Princess Diaries

Mia is, shall we say, slightly unfortunate looking when we first meet her. A schoolgirl in San Francisco with wild hair and unpleasant frames, plus the odd zit, you get the impression that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about grooming – and you’d be right! Then her beautiful, regal, estranged granny rocks in, turns her life upside down and insists that she’s plucked and preened to within an inch of her life. We’re with nanna, the result is a good look.


Perhaps my favourite on the list, Michelle Pfeiffer’s transformation from dowdy, put-upon Selina into whipsmart and sassy Catwoman is the piece de resistance of Batman Returns. Close to death after being pushed out a window, she’s inexplicably revived by some bin-dwelling cats and suddenly has mad fashion design skills. Meek to trés chic and more than a little dangerous. Icon!

Working Girl

This makeover is different, as it’s all down to Tess herself. An ambitious young woman in the dog-eat-dog world of New York nance in the 80s, Tess longs to be just like her elegant boss. When her boss is injured Tess spots her chance, and jumps in to fill her shoes
– quite literally.

A fab shorter haircut (see ya, permed mullet), subtle make-up and a fabulous power wardrobe all give Tess the confidence she needs to succeed – and to hook Harrison Ford.

Now, Voyager

Bette Davis, despite being a babe, was never known as the most glam of the old Hollywood icons, yet she was always taken seriously as an actress – something the Monroes and Hayworths would only dream of. The makeover in this black and white flick happens offscreen, but Davis’ Charlotte steps aboard a boat looking much older than her years and dreary beyond belief, and steps off radiant – with a dramatic reveal thanks to a wide brimmed hat. Can we get on that boat, please?

Miss Congeniality

Sandra Bullock’s no bullshit FBI agent is desperate to prove herself in an agency full of men, meaning she has no time for girly things like make-up and dresses! Then she’s assigned to go undercover at a beauty pageant… which she must also enter.

Cue a hilarious Michael Caine transforming her from drab to fab, and whaddya know?! There’s a serious pair of pins hidden under those baggy trouser suits, as well as gleaming skin and pearly white teeth.

Maid In Manhattan

JLo plays a New York chambermaid, convinced to rummage through a guest’s wardrobe by her bold friend. Donning a white designer outfit, she’s of course mistaken for said guest, and thus ensues calamity as she tries to balance her working life with the one she aspires to. Isn’t she lucky to have great pals that help her borrow designer gowns and diamonds to impress a rich man? And who are we kidding, JLo would look a million bucks in a bin bag.


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