The 5 Most Common Make-up Mistakes Made By Irish Girls – And How To Avoid Them

We're all guilty of at least one of these faux pas, but thankfully we've sought the advice of top make-up artist Mark Rogers to help solve all our make-up blunders.

girl with three swatches foundation

As a nation we aren’t exactly blessed when it comes to having sallow skin, so what do we do? Pile on loads of foundation to make us look tanned, obvs. This, as I’m sure you know is a bit of a make-up no-no and according to Mark Rogers, make-up artist at Benefit Boutique, that’s not the only major make-up mistake we’re making.

Mark told us the most common faux pas he comes across and offered up his advice on how to remedy them.

1. Wrong foundation colour

This is something we have all been guilty of at some stage. Mark gives his advice on choosing the perfect colour to enhance your natural skin tone: “All you need to do is visit a beauty counter and ask for a foundation that is a perfect match to your skin tone, not one two shades darker. You can use the likes of bronzers to add warmth but you should always choose your perfect match with your foundation.”

2. Too much coverage

We all love to conceal our blemishes and make our skin look flawless but make-up that’s too cakey can add years to your skin. To remedy it, you should only use extra coverage where it’s required. “I recommend a lightweight to medium coverage foundation,” says Mark. “My favourite is Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. I team this with a full coverage concealer like Boi-ing concealer and use this where you need that extra coverage.”

3. Black eyes instead of smokey eyes

You’ve spent ages applying your smokey eye, but it looks more panda than perfect. What gives? It’s likely you’ve been a little too heavy-handed with the eyeshadow. “Apply two to three taps of your darkest colour then apply and blend,” advises Mark. “Then you can go back and add more, and lastly blend, blend, blend, blend!”

4. Overdrawn eyebrows

Eyebrows have become a regular part of nearly every girls make-up routine, but some of us haven’t quite got the art of eyebrow filling down pat just yet. “It’s really important for you to have a great shape to start with,” explains Mark. “Otherwise you just overload the brows with product and they look heavy and can actually close down the eye.”

To fix it “opt for a brow mapping service to find the perfect start arch and end point,” suggest Mark. “This is customised for your face and eye shape to ensure you leave with serious brows on fleek!”

5. Too much powder

Less is most definitely more when it comes to powder, as too much of it can make your make-up look heavy and dry out your skin. “I  prefer to use a primer,” says Mark. “This helps stop that slip and shine without the powdered cakey look. If you are a powder addict then that’s fine but only apply it to your t-zone or a specific area where you get high shine.”