The 6 Best Bathrooms In Dublin City Centre To Do Your Makeup In

Never touch up on the street again.

When it comes to going to the loo, we’re not fussy. As long as it has a locking door and toilet paper, we’ll make do. But finding a public (or semi-public) bathroom in which to fix your makeup is an entirely different task.

Ideally, you want this bathroom to be fairly peaceful, with not too much coming and going. You don’t want to have to place your makeup bag in a pool of gross sink water, or leave your handbag on the floor. Hand lotion is a very welcome extra, but not essential.

We’ve carefully evaluated some of Dublin’s bathrooms using these criteria, and here’s what we came up with.

Brown Thomas, Grafton Street

It’s not so much of a secret any more, but the Brown Thomas toilets are IT. Secreted away on the top floor, they have a great space for makeup bag rummaging, plus a little water cooler outside where you can quench your thirst. Exit through the beauty hall and spritz a little perfume on yourself for the maximum primping experience.

Debenhams, Henry Street

Some shopping centre toilets are better than others. While the Jervis and Ilac toilets are chaotic and hidden down interminably long passageways, the bathrooms in Debenhams are by contrast serene and well-appointed, with more mirrors than you can shake a stick at and a ledge to put your handbag on.

The Westbury, Grafton Street

This is one of those ones that we’re hesitant to even talk about, in case increased interest leads them to cordon it off. But until then, leave all shame aside, march up those steps like you’re meant to be there, and enjoy that fabulous bathroom. There’s hand lotion, separate mirrors for touch-ups, and a good OOTD mirror, if that’s what you’re into.

The Gresham, O’Connell Street

Another one you have to do a bit of a sneaky-sneaky into, but it’s not too difficult to dash in. The Gresham toilets are spacious and lovely, with fancy basins, mood lighting, and plenty of mirrors including a full-length option. You deserve this luxury.

The National Library, Kildare Street

The building is beautiful, and the toilets themselves are also stunning? We have to stan this attention to detail. The tile work! The stained glass! The little armchairs you can sit in to lig do scíth! The cultured woman’s pitstop.

O’Neills, Suffolk Street

A true hidden gem. In the basement of this busy pub, beneath the carvery buffet and throngs of tourists, there is an oasis of calm. This bathroom is clean and mostly quiet, with a little desk for your bits and pieces. To make up for somewhat illicitly using the customer bathroom, get a pint in there every now and again. Just to be nice.


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