Here’s The Eyebrow Mistake We’re All Making, According To Kylie Jenner’s Make-Up Artist

We're guilty as charged. Are you?

Kylie jenner's eyebrows

We confess, we’re slightly obsessed with our brows and when it comes to doing our make-up in the morning, filling them in is definitely the part that takes up the most time.

But according to Kylie Jenner’s make-up artist Ariel Tejada there’s one big mistake we’re all making, and avoiding it will not only make our brows look better but save us time too.

Ariel explains that “the overall objective is to fill in the sparse bits not to fill in the entire brow.”

Ah, we see. Filling in the entire brow can look too heavy – oh, and it’s also way more time-consuming.

Instead Ariel recommends first brushing through the brows and then using a pencil to fill in only the gaps, not the whole brow.

Want the full tutorial? Check out the vid below for all of Ariel’s best brow advice…