The Full Lowdown On Skincare Supplements

Are they a swizz or a must-have? Let's dive into it.

In recent times, as well as the surge in popularity of loungewear, wireless bras and hair masks, we’ve also seen the rise of food supplements. The importance of vitamins has also been engraved in us since childhood, thinking we might one day be able to see in the dark if we devoured every carrot on our plates, resembling Popeye if we ate our spinach, and enjoying the sunshine for that Vitamin D. Now, people are turning to them for their skin.

Appealing to our vanity is obviously a good way to get us to look after ourselves from the inside out, and could explain why skincare supplements, in particular, have become quite popular. But here comes the age-old question: Are they a swizz or a must-have?

During lockdown one, I started taking skincare supplements to help me deal with a bout of acne. While I found they certainly helped in the long run, they took their time. Then came lockdown two, where I decided I would give liquid collagen a go. Did it make a difference? I really don’t think so, but maybe I’d thank myself in later life if I do continue to drink it each morning.

You can’t turn your head left or right without seeing various kinds of supplements and vitamins that are targeted to skin health only. And according to Valerie Osborne, Advanced Skincare Specialist and owner of Valerie Osborne Advanced Skincare Clinic, the reason for their popularity is because of “the surge in wellbeing and self-care and people wanting to take the best care of themselves from within. Supplements are a convenient solution to getting several nutrients that are known to play a role in the growth and immunity of the skin in one daily dose.”

As much as I try, I’m not one to get my five a day, I’d much rather add my veggies on top of a pizza than for them to take up half my plate, so this was music to my ears. If I have the option to consume my vitamins in one handy little supplement, then what could be better?

Although, I seemed to get excited too soon, as Valerie told STELLAR that it’s not as easy to question whether they work – or are simply a swizz. “It all depends on your current diet, lifestyle and skincare routine – if they are all generally good then yes, a good skincare supplement can help you bring your glow to the next level! However, if you are using wipes, eating badly, drinking more wine than water and stressed out of your head – well then no, you will not see results.”

Valerie further explained that there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to skin supplements and vitamins.

“This depends on the skincare supplements and what you are taking them for! It’s pointless taking a collagen drink if your main concern is acne – you should be looking for something with zinc, selenium, vitamin A and DIM (a compound created when the body digests leafy greens).”

So, if you’re using this lockdown to be that bit healthier all round, skin included, and you want to kickstart your skincare routine with supplements, Valerie has some advice for you.

“Like most things in life – you get what you pay for. Avoid anything with a lot of cheap bulking agents and filler. When sourcing your Omegas know where the oil is sourced for both potency and purity. If your omega 3 supplement is old, has been improperly stored, or was manufactured using fish oil that had already oxidized, it may be rancid. Fortunately, it is easy to test your supplement for rancidity. Simply smell it- if it smells “fishy”, do not use it!”

There we have it, if you want supplements to give your skin the lift that it needs, you must first know what it is that your skin is crying out for and the subsequent vitamins required. Also, make sure you’re drinking enough water, and please, PLEASE, put down the baby wipes and take off your makeup properly!


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