The One Thing You Should Never Do If You’re Having Your Make-Up Done By A Professional

Take note before your next appointment.

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In the beauty world, when it comes to having anything done professionally, be it your hair, your nails or your make-up, it can be hard to get across the exact look you’re after.

Naturally, when words can’t quite convey the look you’re going for, you’ll head to Instagram and screengrab a shot of your favourite celebrity or blogger rocking your desired aesthetic, and bring the pic along to your appointment.

A surefire way to get the look you want, right?

Er, wrong. According to senior make-up artist Regan Rabanal, using Instagram as inspo for your appointment is actually a bad move.

“We get a lot of clients showing pictures they want of straightforward Instagram makeup, which means a strong, dramatic brow with a dark lip, with a contour and highlight, with a smoky eye—and it’s overkill,” he tells Byrdie.

But it’s not just the fact that the make-up might look over the top. Regan explains that because many of the pictures have been edited, it can be difficult to achieve the look IRL.

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“It might look really beautiful on a picture that was run through a few different filters before it was posted, but is it going to look the same in person and more importantly, is it trendy all together? No,” he says.

So what should you be doing? Well it’s about knowing what you want, but not being completely rigid. Consult with the make-up artist throughout the application process and don’t be afraid to ask them to tweak a look or redo some aspects.

That way you’re less likely to want to swipe it all off as soon as you leave the salon.


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