The Ordinary Has Just Launched Its First Concealer In 36 Shades

The latest beauty product from the bargainous skincare giant.

At first, winning our hearts with retinol at a fraction of the price we were paying for it everywhere else, The Ordinary -which falls under the Deciem umbrella, has quickly become a household name for both its affordability and results.

From retinol to hyaluronic acid to the brand’s 21 shade foundation range and now, extensive concealer selection, it’s refreshing to see a science-driven skincare brand dishing out incredible products that actually work at prices that don’t cost us a month’s savings.

It’s too frequent that Instagram and the likes will convince us that this €150 moisturiser that a woman (who already has great skin) is wearing and loving will be the product that revolutionises our skin.

And right, sometimes it does work, but more often than not it’s usually an over-marketed product, hyped by celebs that turns out being too expensive to maintain in our own skincare regime.

So, thankfully for brands like The Ordinary, we can have good skin starting at just €5.80.

Breaking the news about the new concealer range yesterday, January 19, Deceim wrote:

“The Ordinary Concealer offers a high-spreadability suspension system with very high coverage, while providing a real skin finish. Packaged with a thin nozzle applicator for precise and easy application, this formula allows high pigments to look natural on the skin, and resists collection within fine lines.”


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Sharing good news for The Ordinary foundation lovers too, Deceim added that 21 of the concealers were made to match the 21 foundation shades, with 15 more for extra range.

Continuing, the statement also noted that the concealer can be applied with your fingertips or with a brush to “blemishes, imperfections, or the under-eye area.”

We cannot wait to get our mitts on this! Shop it here!


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