The Rage-Inducing Reason People Are Losing It Over This Woman’s Underwear Selfie

When @irinijakari shared this picture she probably didn't expect this reaction.

Internet trolls can be a pretty harsh and unrelenting bunch, and the latest victim to face their wrath is Twitter user @irinijakari who was met with a torrent of abuse when she shared the above stomach selfie.

The reason? It seems Twitter users had a whole lot to say about her body hair. Among the many nasty responses, was one user who went to the effort of photoshopping out all of her body hair, another who called her Chewbacca, and a whole bunch of people telling her to “go buy a razor.”

Um, are people forgetting that all humans grow hair on their bodies?

But name calling and nasty comments aside, there was one positive to come from @irinijakari’s stomach selfie. Among the hate, there were also messages of support. “Thank you so much for this,” wrote @cosmokass. “I grew up ashamed of my body hair. We need more woman like this that love themselves for young women to look up to.”

Another user tweeted, “Oh my god, do you know how much confidence this gives me? Thank you, you’re beautiful.”

@irinajakari had a pretty sweet response to those messages too, thanking users for their support in this video.

We salute you, girl.


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