The Stomping Boot Isn’t Just For Punks Anymore, It’s This Season’s Hottest Footwear Trend

They’re fashion’s secret winter weapon

It’s about that time of the year when we all dig out our old boots from the back of our wardrobes. The temperature has dropped, the puddles are getting wider and we need to bring out the big guns to protect our little tootsies from the winter’s nasties.

One style of boot we have seen cropping up everywhere this season is the stomping boot – you know, the heavy, chunky kind, that you feel invincible in, like no heavy rain or small child will get in your way when you’re wearing these bad boys kind – everyone and everything will be booted around, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Pairing them with some jeans or trousers for maximum comfort, or styling them with a sleek midi dress – the hiking/Doc Martin hybrids are the perfect winter accessory, and the fashion world knows it.

So punks, step aside. Taking inspiration from all of our favourite brands and influencers, we have put together a little list of our favourite stompers, you. are. welcome.

Asos Design Acton Chunky Lace Up Boots – Asos – €48

Beige Croc Lace-Up Chunky Boot – River Island – €60

Sinclair Platform Boots – Dr. Marten – €229

Asos Design Attitude Chunky Lace Up Boots In Snake – Asos – €48

Eyelet Will Survive Chunk Boot – NastyGal – €62


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