There’s A Pretty Big Reason You Should Never Cross Your Legs At The Hairdressers

It may be comfy but making this salon faux-pas could have nasty consequences.

Woman getting a haircut

A trip to the hair salon can be a tricky business, especially if you aren’t clear with your instructions or encounter a stylist who’s a little over zealous with her scissors.

But there is one way you could be unknowingly messing up your new do and that’s by plonking yourself up on the cutting chair and sitting there with your legs crossed.

So, er, why’s that then? Apparently it’s all to do with angles.

Celebrity hair stylist Lacy Redway explains to Allure that “doing this will make your haircut unbalanced and uneven.”

Makes sense, huh? If you’re sitting there with your legs crossed your hair will fall at a slight angle, making it extra tricky for your stylist to get things straight and potentially leaving you with a wonky do.

But that’s not all you could be doing to eff up your cut. Talking with your hands and turning your head, even slightly, can make for an uneven trim too.

Bottom line? Relax when you’re at the salon, but y’know, maybe not too much.


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