These Knickers Wash Themselves And We’re Not Okay With It

This could be the lazy gal's dream

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all for saving the environment, but this is making me slightly uncomfortable.

Ever get fed up of washing your knickers after one wear? I can’t say I relate, but if you do, keep reading.

A brand called Organic Basics have created ‘self-washing’ underwear. These new knickers claim to be “durable comfortable and odour-killing” and you can get away with not washing them for weeks at a time.

The range is built on the idea of self-washing pieces that kill 99.9% of bacteria.

The aim behind these self-cleaning underwear is to use less water and save energy. According to their Kickstarter campaign – which has already raised over €81,000 – the underwear is made of entirely recycled materials and allows you to “move freely without restrictions”. Sure that’s always good.

We’re not sure if we’re 100% on board with this one, but each to their own. If you’re weary about getting smelly, the brand assures potential customers that the underwear are “built with advanced ventilation in critical sweat zones”.

You can pick yourself up a four-pack for the sum of €54. We might stick to our Penneys pants, thanks.

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