Thinking Of Getting Curtain Bangs? Here’s All You Need To Know

It's the most flattering hairstyle around, so it's no wonder we're all feeling influenced.


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Although the words “should I cut bangs?” are usually a sign that someone needs an intervention and stat, 2021’s take on bangs has transformed the usual fringe haircut, making it a lot less drastic and a lot more flattering for all compared to previous cuts.

We’ve all been there, looking in the mirror with our hair between a scissors, thinking that a box fringe will be just what we need to revamp our lewk and I mean, sometimes, yeah, it works out well… if you’re fortunate, but more often than not, we’re only doing it because we’re longing for a “bangs-esque style” and well, curtain bangs are the perfect fit.


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So, what are curtain bangs?

As you’ve probably noticed on every influencer, model and celeb you follow at the moment, hence you ending up here, curtian bangs are those shaggy, effortless bangs that frame the face perfectly. Starting shorter on the inside and longer towards the outside as it meets the rest of your hair in a layered effect. Curtain bangs date back to the ’60s and ’70s and are seriously versatile when it comes to hairstyles, hence their popularity yet again.


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Where can I find inspiration?

Instagram and TikTok should be your go-to here. Plenty of influencers from Maura Higgins to international fashionistas like Matilda Djerf have been seen rocking curtain bangs in recent months. Alternatively, Pinterest is a great shout, just search for them.

What do I ask for in the hairdresser?


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Curtain bangs are thankfully a recognised name for. the chop and if you ask for them in a hairdresser, your stylist will know what you mean. Although, on saying that, it’s always handy to have an image on hand, just so your stylist can give you a more detailed consultation based off what you’re looking to achieve.

As a bangs newbie, many stylists will recommend opting for cheekbone-grazing bangs – whereby you can tuck the end of your bangs behind your ears before going any shorter. Working the bangs out to the jawline gives you some nice versatility for your first set of bangs and it’s certainly a less daunting way to introduce yourself to the haircut.

Lastly, if the bangs don’t go your way, don’t fret, thankfully there’s plenty of ways to work them as they grow out, including cute hairbands, clips and plaits.