This Beauty Hack Will Make Your Cheap Fake Eyelashes Look Like Expensive Mink Ones

This has officially changed the lash game forever.

Although mink eyelash extensions have been all the rage over the last year, they can be pretty pricey and sometimes a pain to take care of.

The strip lash can be a cheaper alternative to semi-permanent lash extensions – however, a good pair of natural-looking lashes can set you back at least €10. Although it’s said they can be reused, if like me you stumble in the door after a night out and lose your lashes somewhere along the way, looking glam can eventually cost you a bomb.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, though, because this new beauty hack has officially changed the lash game forever. In a viral Facebook video, makeup artist Paloma Garcia shows us how to turn a cheap pair of lashes into a fluffy mink dream:

Simply rub a spoolie brush vigorously from side to side across the lashes, then boom – a ‘fluffy’ result has been achieved.

But does anything truly work until it’s Twitter tested?

Our wallets will be thanking us for this hack for all eternity.