This Blogger-Fave Lipstick Has A SECRET Compartment You Never Knew About

Sorry, WHAT?

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If you’re a cosmetics junkie you no doubt pride yourself on knowing everything there is to know about your favourite products.

Take e.l.f. lipsticks for example. The blogger-fave brand is known for providing high-end cosmetics at a seriously low price point, and while the brand isn’t widely available in Ireland as yet, die-hard fans over here have been stocking up via their website and reporting back to the rest of us.

If your make-up bag features one of those little black tubes of goodness, then count yourself lucky, as you’re actually getting even better value than you thought. As one curious Twitter user discovered earlier this week, each of e.l.f’s Moisturising Lipsticks comes with its own hidden compartment containing an additional teeny-tiny dose of product.

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While at first people assumed the secret compartment contained a lighter formula to be used as a lip balm, e.l.f. later confirmed that the additional product was in fact for sampling and to make for easier browsing, as the products true colour could be clearly seen without opening the tube.

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“We know the best way to colour match is to see the actual product,” Achelle Richards, e.l.f. cosmetics creative director told Refinery29. “So we designed our moisturizing lipsticks to hold the lipstick formula in the base of the componentry. This feature makes it easier to colour match, and we love that it’s been a surprise and delight for many of our fans.”

Sound or what?