This Free Fashion App Is Helping Small Irish Retailers Survive COVID-19

"It’s the local shops that keep our streets and communities alive"

The Irish economy, much like the rest of the world has ground to a halt during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alongside bars and restaurants, retailers are taking the brunt of it, with most non-essential stores across the country shutting up shop for the foreseeable.

During this time, many of us have turned to online shopping to both satisfy our boredom and put back into the economy.

However, it seems that Irish independent retailers have been left behind when it comes to online revenue, as most of us turn to fashion giants like Topshop and Zara.

But there is now a way for you to pick up one or two things from a smaller brand that you love while simultaneously helping out an independent business.

A free fashion app, Bezzu is now available to download, which connects you with over 440 Irish retailers.

The app was set to launch this summer, but with the current situation, the release date was pushed forward to allow for smaller businesses with little to no online presence to connect and trade with customers.

The best part about the app is that it contains an interactive map, allowing users to find retailers close to them. And there’s a virtual stylist on hand to help customise your shopping experience, is this… the future?

Lauren Murphy, Bezzu’s communications manager says that the app is opening up new hope for small Irish boutiques and brands, allowing them to connect and convene with their loyal customers.

“We understand that it will take longer than normal for customers to receive their purchases, but hope that this doesn’t deter people from supporting their local retailers.

“It’s the local shops that keep our streets and communities alive and we want to help them thrive,”

For more information on the app, click here.