This Irish Beauty Blogger Let Her Dad Do Her Make-Up And The Results Are Gas!

She gave her dad full creative control with her make-up bag. Here's what happened.

Becky Timlin Beauty Blogger

So your Dad is the main man in your life, right? You trust him with your life yeah? But, um, would you trust him with your make-up?

Us? Probably not, but Galway-based blogger Becky Timlin was prepared to take the risk when she handed over her beauty bag and make-up brushes and let her dad Gerry perfect her look on camera. Obviously, hilarity ensues.

It was a rocky start for poor Gerry – he hadn’t a clue what products to use first – but he quickly found his stride, joking “all the lads are going to know what to do by the time I’m finished.”

Sure, the resulting look isn’t, er, the most subtle we’ve ever seen; we probably would have skipped the blue eyeshadow and the smudged red lippy, but for someone who’s probably never used never used a make-up brush in his life, we reckon he deserves a well done anyhow. G’wan Gerry.

Here’s the vid..


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