This Perfect DIY Unicorn Is The Most-Shared Halloween Costume On Pinterest Right Now

You're going to want to re-create this one.

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Now that we’re well out of our teenage years, our understanding of what makes a perfect Halloween costume has come full circle.

Gone are the days when putting the word ‘sexy’ in front of ANY noun (sexy zombie, sexy scientist, sexy table) made acceptable Halloween inspo. For us, it’s back to our childhood, with gore, fantasy and a touch of magic.

That’s why we are WEAK for this DIY unicorn costume, which just so happens to be the most shared Halloween look on Pinterest right now. The post, originally shared on Instagram by @amythemermaidx, has made it to over 107,000 Pinterest boards and counting.

@amythemermaidx Perfection!! #alwaysbeaunicorn #unicornlashes #glitter #rainbowhair #unicorn #mermaidhair #mermaid #inspo #fantasy

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What will you need to re-create it?
-Cat ears
-A unicorn horn (wire, card and cotton wool)
-A rainbow wig or the ability to bleach and colour your own hair
-Any kind of fluffy white get-up

and (this is the important bit)


Even if you can’t quite master Amy’s airbrushed pink look though, some face paint and a heap of stick-on sparkles should get you somewhere close.

This is one costume we could definitely imagine ourselves rocking this October 31st – if the 107,000 other Pinterest fans don’t get there first.