This Pro Tip From Kim Kardashian’s MUA Will Change How You Do Your Eye Make-Up

Mario Dedivanovic knows his stuff.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is rarely seen without some form of dramatic eye make-up, be it killer lashes, defined liner, smoky shadow or all three.

The majority of her stunning looks are down to her long-time make-up artist and bestie Mario Dedivanovic. If anyone can claim to have singlehandedly revolutionised the smoky eye, it’s Mario, and he’s now a household name in the beauty industry.

When he’s not doing Kim and her sister’s faces, Mario does regular beauty masterclasses in US cities, where he dishes out secrets and professional tips on everything from when to throw out your brushes (never) and how much concealer to apply (the bare minimum).

But it was his advice on creating a long-wearing eye make-up look, which he passed on to attendees at his most recent event in Manhattan, that we’ve really taken note of.

According to Allure, Mario recommends using THREE (yes, three) different varieties of eyeliner to ensure the boldest possible definition around the eye. His suggestion? Use a pencil liner, then draw over it with a liquid liner, before finishing up with a gel.

“After a little while, the liner starts to absorb into your makeup and and you lose that sharp line, so I like to really layer the line and build it to give it beautiful definition,” he explained.

As for brows, Mario’s pro tip is to set your eyebrows with powder before applying any pencil, just as you would the rest of your face.

“I set the brows with a little bit of translucent powder so that when I do her brows with the brow pencil, it’s not being applied on oily product,” he explained while demonstrating on a model. “This way, you have more control over the direction of the brow pencil.”

Genius! Now, if he would just let us in on how to get cheekbones like Kim we’d be sorted….