This Woman’s Before And After Acne Transformation Is Seriously Mind-Blowing

Her pics have quickly gone viral.

Anyone who’s ever suffered from acne will know all to well how it can knock your confidence and finding a cure that works for you can be seriously tricky.

Fortunately for 22-year-old Instagrammer Kali Kushner, she did find a way to banish her breakouts for good – and her before and after pics are currently going viral.

Over several months, Kali documented her journey with popular acne treatment Accutane by posting regular selfies and quickly gained thousands of loyal followers.

Feeling soo excited bc today is the first day of my veryyy last year of school AND I’m not wearing any makeup for classes this year??! Above are my 10 month results since I’ve been using the @banishacnescars starter kit! I can’t believe I’ve been using their products for almost a whole year ❤️ the difference is really insane to me! I didn’t think my acne scars would ever fully go away, but here I am 10 months later with massive progress and hope! I do still have some acne scars but for the most part the texture is pretty darn smooth compared to where I was at a few months ago. Less inflammation, less breakouts & my skin is constantly glowing ? oh yeah and happy eclipsing today!! Don’t forget to protect ur eyeballz ?

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Always remember that you are #beautifulbeautiful no matter what.

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“I used to think it was odd, because I really didn’t do anything magical—I just took Accutane and a bunch of selfies, but now I realize that the reason people are so dedicated to following my story is because nobody actually posts stuff like this,” Kali told Cosmopolitan.

Off course, the dramatic nature of her transformation has also played its part, and even though Kali is now off Accutane her face remains completely breakout-free.

What’s more, Kali says having acne has taught her a major life lesson. She writes on Instagram: “I repeat for the uberth time: your skin does not define you… if you become your own lighthouse -a positive ray of energy, then you will shine so bright.”

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