This YouTuber Dumpster Dives To Score €2,000 Worth Of Free Make-Up. Would You Do It?

She's got brands like MAC and Urban Decay all for free.

Shelbi Orme

Keeping your beauty stash topped up with your favourite products is an expensive hobby. Even if you stick to the more budget-friendly buys, ensuring that you’ve an unending supply of foundation, mascara and the like definitely requires a little savvy spending for most gals.

For beauty vloggers, who make a living out of trialling the best products, we can only imagine that that bill most be huge, and that’s why some of them have taken to dumpster diving as a way of managing the cost.

For the uninitiated, dumpster diving simply means foraging through bins for freebies, and as vlogger Shelbi Orme explains, there are lots of products to be scored by going through the bins behind your favourite beauty stores.

In fact, Shelbi managed to score nearly €2,000 worth of free kit just by rummaging through the bins at her local Ulta, including brands like MAC, Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

She explains on YouTube that once she gets the products home she sterilises them and fixes them up so they’re in a good enough condition to use.

Speaking of the unusual tactic, Shelbi explains that it’s not just about scoring free products, but about the environment too.

“When I think about the reality of the world we live in, and the wealth inequality that exists, I compare it to the things that are thrown out like it is no big deal and it blows my mind,” she told The Independent.

“Naturally, people judge me and tell me I’m disgusting, poor, or white trash but I do not have time to worry about these people. I’m too busy saving thousands.”

Hmm. We’re all for saving money but we’re not sure how we’d fair going through bins.

What do you reckon? Nifty saving tactic or just downright gross?


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