Three Irish Gals Share Their Experience Of Getting Whiter Teeth At Home With Beam

STELLAR promotion: Because it's peroxide free, Beam brightens your teeth without sensitivity.

Is there anything that can amp up your confidence, complement your makeup and brighten up your appearance more than a bright, white smile? Probably not, but getting pearly white teeth a celeb would envy can be a bit of a dilemma. Professional teeth whitening is out of most people’s budgets, and if you’re whitening at home, you may have teeth sensitivity to contend with.

Well, not anymore. Enter the Beam Teeth Whitening Kit. This at-home system promises whiter teeth in just one week and better yet it’s peroxide-free, meaning no pesky, painful sensitivity. It’s super easy and quick to use too. Pop the whitening gel into the mouth tray, and shine the LED light on your teeth to activate the formula. Leave for 15 minutes and use every day for a week for a brighter, whiter smile.

Here’s what happened when Team STELLAR and beauty bloggers Emer Rutherford and Niamh Webb O’Rourke put the system to the test.

Emer Rutherford (@penneystoprada)

I’ve used pretty much every single teeth whitening kit out there and I have really sensitive bottom teeth. My teeth are quite thin, so the pain you get from other teeth whitening kits because they have peroxide in them is just not worth it. So when I read that Beam was peroxide-free and it didn’t cause sensitivity, I was at first skeptical, but then I tried it. It’s so gentle on your teeth. And the important thing is that even though it’s peroxide-free, it still does whiten your teeth.

You just pop it in and you can go about your business. A lot of the time I’ll pop it in when I’m going through my emails or my blog posts and you might look a bit da, but it’s so quick and simple. Because it’s only 15 minutes I just pop it in whenever. Sometimes I would do it before I need to leave the house, sometimes in the evening when I pop on a face mask. Sometimes I have an event and think “Oh my teeth need a bit of brightening up” because I drink so much coffee, so I just pop it in before I leave.

Once you use it once or twice, you get the hang of it. I think it’s a much nicer process than using strips or other products and it’s so much easier to take out because it doesn’t stick to your teeth. I’ve used strips before and you’ve to almost like scrub your teeth afterwards. With Beam it’s a gel so it’s a lot easier to take out.

When I first used it I used it every day for two weeks because I wanted to have really bright teeth, but now it’s just a case of me topping up whenever I think I need it. It whitened my teeth by many shades. My teeth get dull from drinking coffee so I just pop Beam in once, or maybe twice a week, and it just keeps them really bright. To keep the results topped up I just brush my teeth twice a day. Using Beam once a week just keeps them bright.

Niamh Webb O’Rourke (@niamh_lovelife)

I had braces previously so I wanted something that wasn’t going to be too sensitive on my teeth, or irritate them and Beam was the home whitening kit that my orthodontist recommended.

It’s so easy to use, you could just pop it on and then go and watch Love Island. You also don’t feel any kind of sensitivity when you’re using the product, which is nice because sometimes with teeth whitening you can find it’s quite irritating.

I like to use mine when I’m having a little pamper night. It’s probably one of the simplest kits I’ve ever used. You clip your mouthguard on to the light, you pop the gel on to the guard, switch on the light and that’s it done and dusted.

I’ve noticed a big difference, especially when I have something on, like an event, because I tend to use it consistently on the run up to that. I might use it every night on the lead up and I really do find that even in photographs my teeth are coming out so much whiter. Ever since I’ve had my braces I’ve been more conscious of my teeth and I am that much more confident now that they are that much whiter. My teeth have come up five shades from when I first started using it.

If I have something coming up I’ll just top up with Beam beforehand, usually twice a week, once at the start of the week and then again mid-week. It just helps me to maintain it and keep my teeth whiter than normal.

Victoria, STELLAR’s deputy editor

I’m a total teeth whitening fiend and I’ve tried just about every at-home whitening product out there, but I’ve always hated how sensitive my teeth get after prolonged usage. I’ve also hated the time commitment: most whitening products require you to take an hour out of your day, which more often than not, is more than most of us have to spare.

That’s why I loved Beam. I could actually commit to whitening my teeth over the specified time period because it only takes 15 minutes and you’re done. I’ve been popping mine in before heading to work in the morning, or in the evenings when I’m watching a show.

I was super skeptical about the no sensitivity claims. Every product I’ve used in the past has left me with achy teeth so I didn’t think this one could be any different. Thanks to it being peroxide free, it actually was. There’s a mild tingling – kinda like the sensation you get when you brush your teeth – when you first pop it in but that settles after a couple of seconds. I used mine for a week straight and was surprised not to feel any pain.

I drink loads of coffee and I probably don’t look after my teeth as well as I should, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the results. After a week of using the kit as instructed, they are noticeably brighter, and I particularly notice it when I put on a fresh slick of lipstick. The kit comes with a colour chart so you can measure its effectiveness. In seven days, I reckon my teeth have come up about three or four shades. Consider me impressed.

Beam is available online and in pharmacies nationwide for €49.99. Refill packs are priced €22.99 and come with three syringes.