Tried & Tested: Do Creams For Your Bum Really Work?

Are they a fad or a find? Denise Curtin investigates...


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Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream 240ml – €45.95  

As a total butt cream newb, Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream was the only one of these products I actually recognised instantly. Super popular, it’s regarded as the “best smelling cream in the world” by Shawn Mendes and is one of Sephora’s best-selling body products. Like a delicious, creamy dessert with notes of pistachio and caramel, I can confirm that this cream does smell utterly divine. In terms of application, it was easy to apply, and features loads of the good stuff like coconut oil, cupuaçu butter and guaraná extract to lock in moisture, encourage circulation and smooth the skin’s surface. Do I think it’s a well marketed all-over body lotion? Yes. But, would I buy it again solely for making my peach smell divine? Absolutely.

Yes To Booty-ful Paper Mask – €4

And you thought sheet masks were just for your face? This was actually quite a fun one to try out once I managed to get into position and properly sit the mask on my buttocks. For 10 minutes I scrolled on my phone while the mask did its thing. The results, a peach that felt pretty hydrated for the rest of the evening. With caffeine, coffee and guarana, this mask is designed to tighten and lift the derrière, but in reality I’d say this is more of a nice smelling novelty, with a short shot of moisture. On saying that, I do think that these masks would make for a good hen party favour or something along those lines, the whole concept is gas and at €4 each, they’re not too spenny either!

Buns Of Glowry Smoothing Butt Polish 180ml – €23

This was one of those TikTok made me do it purchases. The Buns Of Glowry Smoothing Butt Polish was the star product in a recent booty tutorial garnering over 30 million views and counting. So, for investigative journalism purposes, I had to buy the polish and get in on the action. Firstly, the product is pretty to look at, comes in big tub and has a light, whipped cream consistency. Containing two key ingredients – wheat protein and watermelon extract, this product also smells insanely gorge and really fills you with excitement that summer is pending. My favourite thing about it though has to be how well it lathers in the shower. The inclusion of jojoba seeds for a gentle exfoliation leaves the skin really soft and sweet smelling after *chef’s kiss*.

frank body Booty Drops 30ml – €15.95

Being honest, I would love to say I’m the type of person that is so together I’ve time to incorporate booty drops into my beauty routine, but since brushing my teeth is a total accomplishment each and every day, you can guess where I stand on these. Created by frank body, these caffeinated, grapeseed oil drops are loaded with naturally derived ingredients to give your bum a burst of conditioning. To apply, you just use the nifty dropper tool and pop a few drops on each cheek and simply rub it in. The drops are pretty scentless and can also be added to your moisturiser if you prefer, plus they’re apparently pretty good for busting dry patches on other areas of your body.

Coco & Eve Glow Figure Bali Buffing Sugar 240g – €40.25 

This product has left me conflicted and I’ll tell you why. Starting with the positives, this buffing sugar is without a doubt the nicest smelling item on this entire list. Featuring a lychee and dragonfruit scent, it honestly leaves your bathroom smelling like a tropical cocktail of divineness! In terms of application, you apply it before your shower and I loved how the coconut sugar and shell powder helped me to buff away any dead skin cells. But, (and there’s always a but), I had to use a very generous scoop of this product to get a good scrub going and for the price of it, would mean that the tub would have numbered days before having to be repurchased again.

mio Peachy Cheeks Bum Cream 120ml – €22 

A daily moisturiser for your bum, mio Peachy Cheeks Bum Cream is light, sweet smelling and feels quite similar to what I’d imagine it’s like to rub Petits Filous onto your bum! Featuring a blend of plant based proteins, vitamins, genistein and caffeine (a common bum product fave), this cream is a pretty decent one. One thing I would note: apply this cream only when getting out of the shower or when you’ve the evening to yourself, it’s a little bit sticky at first so needs time to dry while you moisturise the rest of your body.