Turns Out We’ve All Been Brushing Our Hair Wrong

And this video proves it

Brushing your hair is usually one of the first things you do in the morning and the last thing at night. It’s a task that you rarely put much thought behind, but what if you found out you’ve actually been doing it wrong all this time?

Taking a brush or comb to your hair, it’s muscle memory to begin by running the bristles along the top layer of your hair from the top down – right? Well, as it turns out that’s actually where we’re all wrong.

Haircare secrets queen Lilly Van Brooklyn recently broke the internet when she shared the ‘correct’ way to give your hair a brush. Filming a video for Instagram, Lilly shared that first and foremost we should all be using a hairbrush that suits our hair type. Then, she shared the mind-blowing part.

When brushing your hair, you should always do it from the inside and not the outside. This means sectioning off the hair and brushing gently from the ends up to dismantle any knots.

Apparently doing this will prevent frizz, eliminate damage, and also allow your hair to hold on to some volume – meaning some extra zz’s are in order each morning as you won’t need to do much restyling each day.

And people in the comments section were quick to share that they’d learned something. One person commented:

“How did I not know this sooner?! No wonder my hair is always so frizzy! I brush it so recklessly!”

While another simply said “Gamechanger”

Will you be ditching your old brushing technique for this one?


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