Turns Out We’ve All Been Removing Our Make-Up Wrong. Sigh.

In fact, this common beauty mistake could be giving you bad skin and breakouts.

Young woman wiping off make-up, high section, close-up

Face wipes are our go-to when we’ve had a really long day at the office or a super late night down Coppers. All it takes is a quick swipe of a wipe and our skin is back to being squeaky clean.

Or so we thought, because while face wipes are ace at taking away make-up and all the the grit and grime of the day, they’re actually really bad for your skin if you don’t use them correctly.

According to Beverly Hills dermatologist Debra Luftman many of us are using them wrong and it’s a beauty mistake that’s giving us bad skin.

Talking to InStyle she explains, “It’s important to use your wipe from the forehead down to the jaw, so that you don’t end up redistributing oil and bacteria around your face and causing breakouts.

“Finish wiping at your nose, as it’s one of the grimiest parts of the face,” she continues.

And to think this whole time we’ve just been rubbing it around our face and hoping for the best. Next time we roll into bed after a late one we’ll, er, try and be more vigilant.


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