Upcycling 101 – 8 Accounts That Will Teach You How To Revamp Your Wardrobe

It's time to give your threads a new lease of life!


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Ever since I was a little girl and my Nana first taught me to sew, I have been constantly recycling my clothes to create new outfits.

When I was younger, broke and attending teen discos, I used to go to charity shops in the city, find a material I liked in a dress or garment several sizes too big for me, buy it, and use the material to make a new outfit for the disco. At first, I was a little embarrassed at the fact I was making my own clothes while others were out there buying theirs in high street stores, but after some time, I realised it was kind of cool to be able to create my own unique pieces while subsequently saving money and the environment. If I had an idea of what I wanted to wear and couldn’t afford it I would make it for myself (within reason of course!).


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Now, I know everyone isn’t fortunate enough to have had someone to teach them basic upcycling skills, but since Lockdown has started, I have noticed a surge in people revamping their clothes on TikTok and Instagram. From tie-dying fabrics (something which is very in RN, I’ll have you know) to cutting and reshaping tops and jeans, you’d be surprised how you can transform garments in your own wardrobe and these handy videos that are cropping up everywhere will literally teach you how.

So, if you think upcycling could be your latest quarantine hobby than look no further. Here are some of my favourite social media accounts to follow for upcycling tips, tricks and inspiration:

Tik Tok


With over 108k followers she calls herself ‘Your Favourite Thrift Girl’. The Thrift Guru takes you through her thrifts in easy to follow videos. She has also started thrifting not only clothes but home décor too.

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Following along with these cute and easy upcycling videos is a great way to get started on your upcycling journey. The thrifts are not only doable but they are using items of clothing that you more than likely have lying around at home.

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Megan McSherry is all about sustainable life and style which is very clear from her Tik Tok page. She shares with over 40k followers some of her easiest flips/upcycles.

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If you’re already into sewing and upcycling clothes, then this is the page for you. This page requires more skill to follow along with and is definitely for more practiced people but the style inspiration is well worth the look.

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Cora Shircel

In this video Cora Shircel takes her upcycling ideas from Tik Tok; she dives into the fact that what we once looked at pinterest for, people are now finding on the hugely popular app. This video she takes different Tik Tok upcycling trends and puts them to the test.

Rach Speed

In her video Rach Speed dives into easy upcycling methods, she even says in her videos that she is not the best at sewing but comes out having made some really cool pieces.

Haley’s Corner

Can’t sew at all? Then this video is for you! Youtuber Haley’s Corner is using nothing but a scissors and fabric glue to upcycle her clothes in this video.

Laini Ozark

Laini takes you through her upcycling musts – what she calls ‘reshopping’ her closet. All of her flips require no sewing and are easy to follow for beginners.

Words by Nicky Anderson