Want To Know How To Make Your Shellac Last Even Longer? Here’s How

Learn how to get the most out of each and every manicure!

Love a trip to the salon? Whether you’re a fan of shellac or gel nails, or maybe everything in between, this article is for you. The thing to remember is that the treatment shouldn’t end at the salon, so here are some tips and tricks to keep your nails in their best condition.

Find the Best Nail Tech

This one may seem a little obvious, but it makes the world of difference in the long run. Most people will stay loyal to their nail technician, if not, they just haven’t found The One just yet. If whoever does your nails is a kind of “just get the job done” kind of person, it’ll never go down well. Your polish will chip, crack and peel at the slightest thing. What you need is a perfectionist, who won’t let you walk out the door without fabulous nails! Find an amazing nail technician, and don’t let her go.

Don’t Underestimate Cuticle Oil

If it’s good enough to use in the salon, then it’s good enough for you to use at your desk, too. Cuticle oil is essential for keeping both your nails and cuticles moisturised, which is important to keep them in tip top condition. Rubbing a small amount of cuticle oil on your nails daily will help them to grow, keep them as strong as they can be and help with any peeling that may happen.

What Not To Do

Whatever you do, don’t go picking or peeling at your shellac once it’s been on for a couple of weeks. This may be another obvious one, but even if the polish lifts in the slightest then the temptation to peel it off is off the charts.

Another thing which isn’t the best idea (you might be happy to hear) is to go scrubbing your house with bleach and disinfectant. The chemicals in the cleaning sprays won’t do your nails any good – or your hands for that matter.  So always opt for gloves when it’s time to give the house the once over!

Fan of Nudes?

If you’re a fan of a gorgeous nude polish, you probably know at this stage that they can stain pretty easily. A light polish can’t really handle the day to day activities of normal life and can look pretty scuffed quicker than a darker shade would. But there’s always a way around this! Pick up a clear top coat and put a thin layer over your light polish. You can then take this off a few days later and quickly pop another clear layer on. This will protect the colour underneath, so your shellac doesn’t get ruined after one week. Simples!

Top Up The SPF

If you regularly get your nails done, it’s a good idea to pop on some SPF before your nail appointment to protect your hands from the UV lights over time. Also, if you’re jetting off on holidays, certain oils in an SPF can break down your shellac quicker than normal. So if you’re gonna be spending time in the sun, just be sure to give your nails a quick wipe after applying SPF. You’ll be glad you did in the run up to your next appointment.


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