Watch: You Won’t Believe How Much Volume This Cotton Wool Mascara Hack Can Add To Your Lashes

This is so genius.

Cotton Wool Hack

Long, luscious lashes are the dream, right? But for those of us who aren’t naturally blessed in the lash department, how do we go about getting them, without applying falsies or shelling out for lash extensions?

Well listen up ladypal, this hack from Huda Beauty is gonna change things, because it doesn’t cost any extra spends, it uses something you probably already have in your beauty cabinet and it’s super effective.

Here’s how it’s done…

After applying her mascara as normal, YouTuber Huda Beauty grabs her eyebrow brush and wraps some cotton wool around the spoolie.

Next, she brushes it through her lashes before finally sealing it in with one last coat of mascara. The result? Seriously wow lashes!

The technique is similar to using a fibre-based mascara: just like the cotton wool the fibres add volume and the mascara then sticks to these fibres to give a fuller, bulked up appearance.

Sure it’s probably a little bit too much effort first thing in the morning, but we reckon it’s a great hack before a big night out.

A hot tip? Use the cotton wool sparingly to avoid a clumpy, spidery effect.

Watch the full video tutorial below to see the difference.


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