We Have Found The Perfect Outerwear To Make You Transition From Summer To Autumn With Ease

Curating a transitional wardrobe should be considered an extreme sport

Transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn is no easy task. We are officially in that time of year when it  is baltic in the morning, sticky in the afternoon, and glorious in the evening.

Aside from this, we are either shweatin’ or freezing, and there is absolutely no in-between. With no idea how to dress each morning for our commute to work, we fashioned a sort of experimentation for the week.

Taking one for the team, we have donned every coat, jacket, jumper, and shrumper imaginable in a game of trial and error, to find out what outerwear works best for this crappy, but also not crappy, weather. All in the name of science, of course.

Having found the four best outwear items we thought we would share our findings with you, because we’re sound like that.

The Blazer

NastyGal, €45

A good blazer is your best companion during transitioning seasons. Easy to throw on and take off, you will always look chic while also not sweating buckets, so a winner for us.

The Denim

H&M, €34

We here at STELLAR HQ are not opposed to a bit of denim on denim, and neither should you. Everyone has a denim jacket in their possession, so have a little root around there, go on.

The Teddy

Penneys, €35

Now, hear us out on this one. The teddy coat may seem like a winter staple, and it is. But when you want to wear a cute midi dress to work in anticipation of a sunny afternoon, throwing a teddy coat on in the morning with both preserve your modesty and keep you cosy for your tretuous commute.

The Crop

Boohoo, €28

A light cropped jacket is a must in any transitional wardrobe. An easy way to add some style to any outfit, bomber jackets are everywhere this season, so you should have no problem getting your hands on one!