We Met YouTube Sensations Pixiwoo & They Gave Us These 5 Deadly Beauty Recommendations

If you watch YouTube as much as we do, you'll understand why we were SO excited to meet the Pixiwoo sisters. Lucky for us, they also gave us a run down on their favourite products.

Last Friday I was one of the very lucky members of Stellar HQ who got to attend a lunch with the Pixiwoo girls, Sam and Nic Chapman, in the Merrion Hotel. The Sisters, Make-up artists, Bloggers, Vloggers and Columnists were in Dublin for an in-store appearance in Superdrug and let’s just say I was beyond excited.

Myself and my big sis have been huge fans of  their simplistic easy-to-follow make-up tutorials since time began. So you can imagine I got myself down there quick smart, re-applied the lippie, (mandatory for meeting your beauty idols) and off I trotted not knowing what to expect.

Once we got chatting it was clear from the get-go they were great craic and very down-to-earth. Instantly, I felt right at home with the YouTube stars. It was like having lunch with two of your oldest mates, we chatted about beauty (obvs), make-up and (ahem) boys while getting served up a beautiful meal at the luxury hotel. Heaven I know!


Not surprisingly, in person, Sam and Nic Chapman are extraordinarily glamorous. Both tall, impeccably coiffed, expensively dressed and of course, exceptionally made up. The two women are the very picture of what homemade twenty-first century success looks like. The duo that front the YouTube phenomenon pixiwoo are approachable, impressionable and more beautiful in real life. And as you might imagine, terribly lovely. I didn’t want the lunch to end.

It’s true that the sisters’ tutorials are exceptionally accurate, making beauty just another facet of life that YouTube and social media has made so fascinatingly accessible. The pair are of course all about accessibility (as well as affordability) hence, why YouTube is their democratic port of call.


So after I’d settled in, taken a sip from my glass of water and soaked up all the beauty do’s and don’ts, I used my time very wisely and quizzed the gals on their best beauty tips. 

“Our top beauty tip for a busy girl is to always carry a moisturiser with you. The best healthiest and youngest looking skin is well moisturised skin,”  Sam told me. And that’s not all, I quickly nabbed their fave beauty products too. Here are their top five.

MAC Face & Body Foundation, €24.86


Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Volume + Lift Mascara, €27


MUA Eyeshadow, €1.41

MUA Eyeshadow


Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm, €8.48


Eucerin Moisturiser, €14.86




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