We Tried 3 Different Instant Anti-Redness Beauty Products

Patches? Never heard of 'em, mate

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I’m a red gal.

My skin is generally quite clear – I’m blessed to have never suffered from acne or any kind of major breakouts past my teenage years. The nature of my job also means that I get to try lots of new and exciting skincare products, so my face tends to be quite hydrated and smooth looking.

It is, however, very red.

Broken blood vessels, rosacea, generally just being flushed a lot of the time… whatever the reason, I tend to be red, and it’s a little bit irritating.

Not enough to get any sort of laser or IPL, but enough to try a selection of immediate colour correcting beauty products and see which works best for me.

I tried three popular primers, creams, and sprays that promise to reduce redness right away – here’s how I got on.

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Forumla – €34.95

Before & after

Rosalique’s colour correcting formula promises to conceal instantly, treat gently, and protect the skin longterm.

The product uses micro-encapsulated technology to reduce redness and includes clinically proven ingredients like α-Bisabolol, Zeolite, Provitamin B5, Urea and Shea Butter. It’s also got SPF 50!

Applying this product I noted it was super lightweight for a colour corrector, and had incredibly good coverage. I did apply a little extra on my cheeks as that’s where most of my redness occurs but the patches were toned down right away.

Overall I was really happy with the result. My redness was mostly concealed and my skin looked a lot brighter too. It also stayed on all day and I didn’t need to reapply once.

Ayu Cosmetics Anti-Redness Colour Corrector – €34.50

Before & after

This product contains SPF 30, and promises an instant concealing effect that nourishes the skin and reduces patchiness.

The formula is *thick*, and as my skin tends to be on the dryer side, these kinds of products will look a bit cake-y on me. But it did cover my redness very, very well, even if it didn’t feel the most lightweight on my skin. My skin tone also looked super even.

My hands needed a wash afterwards, but listen, that’s fine. You can always use a brush to apply.

Skinceuticals Phyto Corrector Mist – €74

Before & after

Skinceuticals’ award-winning product is formulated with botanical extracts and moisturising agents, that hydrate and soothe skin while reducing redness and repairing the skin’s barrier function.

Although my skin looked super bright and plump (and smelled really nice), I didn’t really see much reduction in redness. My skin tone did look a lot more even though!

The product mentions being safe for post-laser treatment so maybe it’s primarily for temporary redness and not the constant flush on my cheeks.