We Tried GHD’s ‘Revolutionary’ New Curling Tool, And Here’s What Happened

The Oracle promises to create a curl with just one stroke.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too good at doing my own hair. I can manage to straighten it, but throw curls into the mix and I’m completely lost.

That’s why I was intrigued when I heard our editor Vicki raving about GHD’s new curling tool, the Oracle (she got a sneaky look at it back in July) – and extremely eager to try it out at the Peter Mark College in Dublin earlier today.

The GHD Oracle is a U-shaped curling tool that promises to create a beautiful curl with a single stroke through the hair – the middle plate heats up to 185 degrees, while the ones on the outside stay at a cool 65 degrees to set the curl in place.

They say it’s ‘revolutionary’, so obviously I want to see what it can do for a lazy girl like me.

The idea is that you clamp a section of hair horizontally, rotate the Oracle 90 degrees, and slowly pull it away from your head, like so:

Basically, it’s like straightening your hair, except you somehow get curls at the end. Magic!

You can change the angle and direction of the tool for different types of curls – for example, our stylist Ciaran alternated the direction of each curl to form my more beachy-style waves…

…While the lovely Michelle went for a more vintage look that used the same technique all over.

So it looks gorgeous when a professional does it, but I’m sure what you all want to know is: Will I be able to create the same look at home? There *is* a knack to doing it by yourself (we had to watch our videos just a few times to get the exact flick of the wrist needed) but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to get a bouncy curl.

If you’ve got your curl technique down, you mightn’t feel the need for it in your life, but if you’re still figuring it all out, the Oracle just might be the styler for you. The GHD Oracle is €199 and available exclusively from Peter Mark salons now.


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