We Tried The Padded Post-Night-Out Socks You’re Seeing All Over The Internet

They're designed to replace flats after a night out in heels.


You may have spotted the hugely popular night-out socks that are being talked about all over the internet over the last few days.

Aftersocks were designed to carry in your bag on a night out so that you can swap them for your heels when your feet get sore.

It seems like the dream product. Almost every girl who wears heels on a night out dreams of slipping on their slipper socks at the end of the night.

Sure, you could bring flats or runners, but this can mean bringing a big bag to fit a whole other pair of shoes. Alternatively, we might foolishly decide to walk from the club to McDonalds barefoot at 3am, and that’s definitely not better!

So these socks seem like the perfect compromise. Small enough to fit in the tiniest of handbags, but still strong enough to protect your feet. Aftersocks are made with PVC to ensure they are strong and durable, and even safe enough to walk across pebbles and everything else you find on the road. They’re cute too, which helps. They come in three colours, a simple black or a silver and gold which are glittery and on-trend enough that you won’t look totally ridiculous.

They sounded too good to be true for a girl who has opted to give up entirely on heels because I’m sick of carrying flats in my bag. So I decided to give them a go.

First I tried them on in work, and yep I can confirm they are super comfortable. I walked around outside in them for a while. The promo video shows a woman walking across Lego, so I willingly walked across the pebbles on our patio to test them out. Yes I could feel the stones under my feet, and I wouldn’t choose to walk across them if I saw them on my path, but it definitely didn’t feel like I was barefoot or in normal socks.

Later on that night, I gave them a go at home, walking around my street in the Aftersocks. Once again, they were totally comfortable and wearable. After a practice walk around outside, I found myself still wearing them when I was chilling on the couch at home, which solidifies the statement that they are as pleasant as slippers.

Founded by Miami based couple, Monika Trojanowska and Joel Bijlmer, the socks are currently on Kickstarter. You can get a pack of three for just €15 while the campaign runs, which works out at just €5 per pair.

They are definitely worth the money and would be ideal for the end of the night, especially at weddings and parties.

While they won’t give you the support of Skechers or other runners, they definitely rival the cheaper, thin shoes so many of us now wear at the end of the night, from pumps to trainers. But with these, you can fold them up and pop them in your bag, which is so much easier.

I probably won’t be walking my 35-minute walk from Coppers to my house in them, but they’ll definitely do for the dance floor, the walk to the chipper, or the queue for the taxi.

They’d be a great gift for your heel-loving pal, your bridal party or for anyone who values comfort at the end of a night out.

Consider me sold!

Find out more about Aftersocks here.