Wear Glasses? This Beauty Hack Will Change The Way You Apply Make-Up Forever

Never have to worry about those annoying marks on the bridge of your nose again. Hurrah!

Girl wearing glasses

You love your glasses. The problem is you also love make-up and that presents a whole host of beauty issues; like marks on the bridge of your nose, eye make-up that smudges off and brows that are hidden behind your frames. Sigh.

But thanks to one Reddit user, we now know how to solve at least one of those problems, and it’s arguably the most frustrating one of the bunch.

Chatting about how she keeps her make-up from smudging off the bridge of her nose, one savvy make-up fan reveals “I actually just a dab a bit of my eyeshadow primer on the bridge of my nose where my glasses sit. Simple, but effective.”

It’s so simple in fact that we’re kinda raging we didn’t think of it ourselves. After all, eyeshadow primer gives your foundation a tacky base to hold on to, making it no match for the rim of your glasses.

Wanna fix your other spec-related beauty woes? We’ve got stacks of make-up advice for girls who wear glasses here.


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