We’re All Making This Massive Mistake When Buying Foundation

Avoid it and you'll never come home with the wrong shade again.

Woman buying foundation

Tell us this, how many times have you hit up your favourite make-up counter, splurged an absolute fortune on a new bottle of foundation and brought it home only to discover that it’s completely the wrong shade and texture for your skin tone? Loadsa times, are we right?

Well, if you’re guilty you may be making one massive mistake when making your selection, and that’s testing the formula on the back of your hand, or, er, any other area that isn’t your face.

Talking to The Glow, Clinque’s National Education Manager Melissa Elvin-Jensen explains that “Although we recommend trying foundation on the face, many still try it on their hand. By trying on the face, we can see the tone, depth of shade and the formula match for skin type.”

The big problem? The skin on your hand is very different to the skin on your face, it’s both darker in shade and tougher in texture. Typically it also has a more red hue to it, meaning you may overestimate the coverage you need for your face and go for a heavier formula than you need.

The best way to test out a new foundation? Apply the two closest shade matches along the jawline or chin and blend in with your fingertips. Then nip out of the store, pull out your compact and see how it looks in natural light.

Better yet, go nab a coffee and do the rest of your shopping before making your purchase. That way you can check the wear of your foundation a few hours later, meaning you won’t waste your cash on a formula that’s going to flake off by noon.


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