We’re Sorry To Inform You But Yes, You Still Need To Be Wearing Your SPF, Even Indoors

Here's why



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Spending so much time at home, whether it’s working or chilling, has resulted in many of us readjusting our skincare routines. Sometimes we’re paying more attention to our skin, hoping that applying a face mask each day will fix this pandemic we’re facing (it won’t), and sometimes we’re paying less attention to it, saving on our expensive day cream by well, not using it anymore.

But, and we’re so sorry to do this to you, really we are, apparently applying our SPF still needs to remain an essential part of our morning skincare routine.

If you’re going out to exercise, run to the shop for essentials, or just to get a fresh breath or two, your SPF is as essential as it is on a regular workday.

And, what’s even madder is that if you think staying indoors completely will mean you can get away with omitting the SPF, you’re still not safe. As Laura Scott, who recently spoke to Vogue magazine on the topic so kindly pointed out.

“Windows only protect us from UVB rays, which are the burning rays of the sun, but not UVA, the aging rays,” she said.

But it’s not just windows that are our enemy here, it’s the blue light which radiates from computers, phones, and laptops too.

“Visible light, particularly blue light, is a big player in hyperpigmentation like melasma and dark spots,”

My god, is there anything on this planet that doesn’t age us?!


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So, with all of that knowledge in hand, we now know that it’s still as important as ever to lash on the aul SPF each AM.

Maybe you have your perfect holy grail SPF that does the job each and every time, or maybe you still haven’t found ‘the one’ yet. Well, the good news is, if the latter applies to you, there has been no better time to test out as many different ones as you please. If you break out, it doesn’t matter, no one will see, so you might as well begin your quest to find your perfect day cream, your future, non-quarantined self will thank you for it.





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