What Is Hair Contouring & Why Is It Set To Be This Season’s Most Wantable Hair Trend?

Hair trends come and go, but we're certain this one is gonna stick around. Why? Well, it won't just add depth to your hair, it'll transform your face as well...


We’ve spoken quite a bit here at Stellar HQ about contouring as a beauty technique; the correct way to colour contour, the more dramatic side of it and so on. However now, babylights is THE buzzword in the world of contouring – but you won’t need a sculpting brush and highlighter to get on board with this craze. Why? Cos this new trend is contouring for the hair.

Basically, babylights is a new natural-looking highlight that mimics the sun-kissed tones your hair gets as a child. If you’ve looked at a baby’s or toddler’s hair up close lately, then you might have noticed how magical the color is—almost like every individual strand is a slightly different shade.

How does that tie in with contouring? Well, stylists are using these multi-faceted shades to help define your facial features, by strategically placing the different colours on the hair around your face. Using your face shape as a guide, they’ll contour the different colours in your hair to bring out your bone structure, kinda like you do with your contour palette and highlighter.

Us beauty buffs at STELLAR <3 this new technique for its low-maintenance upkeep and ability to make our existing style look healthier and more dynamic; not to mention the power to alter our facial features, slim down our visage, and bring out our cheekbones, too.

Want to hair contour? Here’s what to ask for according to your face shape…

Round face

Kirsten Dunst

For best results, apply light tones around the hairline from ear to ear to elongate the face. Darker and richer tones can be applied to the hair underneath the ears and the lower ends of the hair.

Square face

Jennifer Aniston

Apply multi-tonal layers of light and dark to the ‘corners’ of the face: think around the jaw and temples. Basically these tones soften harsh lines and add texture. Sorted.

Heart-shaped face

Reece Witherspoon

Reece Witherspoon

Ask your stylist to weave lighter pieces around the jawline and ears. This will soften the bottom half of the face. Happy days.

Long face

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

Your hairdresser should apply deeper tones to the roots along the parting, eventually merging into microlights. This creates the illusion of a slimmer, shorter shape. Yay. See you at the salon!

By Jennifer Conway.