What Make-Up Brushes Do You Actually Need? We Asked A Make-Up Artist To Find Out

Got a million and one brushes in your beauty bag and no idea which ones you really need or what they're for? We asked an MUA to tell us which ones are essential kit.

Makeup Brushes

Every beauty addict knows she needs a deadly brush collection in her arsenal. But what to buy? With a tonne of different brushes on the market, it can be hard to know which ones we actually need for a flawless application. That’s why we got chatting to Benefit make-up artist Mark Rogers to find out what brushes are beauty bag must-haves.


“With foundation I use three different options,” explains Mark. First in his kit is a beauty blender. “This is perfect for a soft finish with a medium coverage.”

Dior beauty blender sponge

Dior skin fluid foundation sponge, €17

Another option is a flat foundation brush. “This is the easiest brush to use for an even, medium coverage,” Mark explains. “Remember to always start from the nose and work your way out.


Ecotools foundation brush, €10.99

Last up? You can go sans brush altogether. “For a super light, tinted moisturiser-style application your fingers are perfect.”


“Keep it simple!” Mark instructs. “You’ll need a basic fluff brush to apply and then a soft blending brush to blend those lines. You don’t need 100 brushes for a crazy colour look either. Simply clean the brushes between colour application and then reuse.”

Real Techniques Starter Kit

Real techniques starter set, €28.99


“To apply the concealers I use a small concealer brush or a crème eyeshadow brush will also work,” says Mark. “To blend it, I will use either my beauty blender or a powder/ blush brush. This is softer than a foundation brush so won’t blend away all the work you did with your contouring,” Mark explains.

Concealer Brush

Estee Lauder concealer brush, €26


Want brows on fleek? “A hard angle brush is your best friend,” says Mark. “Use it flat to create a strong brow from start to arch and then turn it sideways to get the precision end.”

Hard Angle Eyebrow Brush

Bare Minerals brow brush, €12