Why Dr PawPaw Products Are The Multi-Tasking Beauty Bits Your Makeup Bag Needs

STELLAR promotion: These little tubes do it all.

We’ll admit it: We have a lot of beauty products that do a lot of different things, which makes packing a streamlined makeup bag very difficult. The answer to that? Multi-purpose products.

Dr PawPaw is the master of multi-tasking beauty – and these three products do it all.

Balms galore

You may already be familiar with this little beauty lifesaver – a balm that can be used pretty much anywhere on your body for softness, and on lips, cheeks and as a cosmetic finisher for a sheeny texture. Whether it’s original, Tinted Peach, Tinted Red or 100% Natural Shea Butter balm, they’re all made with the goodness of PawPaw and a steal at only €7.95 (the Natural Shea Butter balm comes in at €9.95).

Wash and go

A miracle duo if we’ve ever seen one, these two gorgeous products combined wash and condition both your skin and hair from top to toe. They’re cruelty-free and vegan, suitable for all skin and hair types, and smell absolutely divine. Containing natural PawPaw, they’re €7.95 each and will leave you feel soft, smooth and cleansed.

Top it off

Another new innovation is the 7-in-1 Hair Treatment Styler, a wonder at €9.95. Use it as a heat protector, a blowdry styling aid, or a leave-in hair treatment – it can also add shine, reduce frizz and split ends, and detangle your knots. And as a bonus, it’ll leave your hair smelling absolutely gorgeous.

Dr PawPaw products are available from pharmacies nationwide.


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