Will We See The End Of Ultra Dark Fake Tan This April?

Tanning companies are scrambling to reformulate, but will it work?

“If ultra dark is your fave, I would say stock up now.” These are the words of Suzanne Jackson, Irish influencer and founder of tanning brand Dripping Gold, alongside her successful makeup line SOSU By Suzanne Jackson.

Taking to her Instagram Stories last night, Suzanne discussed how her team is working hard to try and reformulate the brand’s ultra dark tanning products in line with new EU restrictions over DHA, the active ingredient in tan that gives you a deeper colour.

In line with new EU guidelines, the maximum level of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) from April 2022 allowed in a beauty product will be 10%, meaning that if your products currently have over that figure, you must reformulate to continue selling into the spring.

As most tanning brands with “ultra dark” tanning products have over the level of 10% DHA, many brands now have to reconsider their formulas and how they’re going to continue offering the same incredible product but with alternative ingredients. As Suzanne continued to note in her stories, so far this has been “proving difficult”.

“I’m hoping by the end of the summer we’ll have it, I just don’t know if we’re going to have it by April,” added Suzanne in reference to creating a new formulation for the brand’s ultra dark tanning products which come in a variation of mousse, lotion and liquid.

However, although it’s not great news on the ultra dark tanning front for those who love the products, medium and dark variations once under 10% DHA will continue to be on shelf with the same formulation post April. Suzanne reassured Dripping Gold fans that these are safe.

“I should be crying on the inside, but it is what it is. We have to adhere to the rules and regulations and that’s what we’re doing, I can still promise you we’ll have an amazing tan brand on the market, I just personally don’t feel like it’ll ever be the same again, but who knows, who knows,” Suzanne continued.

Over on Twitter, many fans shared their sorrow over seeing their favourite tanning companies release similar statements noting that change was coming and to avoid disappointment or a potential summer without your favourite tanning brand, it was now time to stock up.

The use of DHA has been regulated in the US for quite some time, but over here in the EU, it has been used without restriction and will continue to until March 31st.

Irish influencer and brand ambassador for Tan Organic, Sally Foran took to Instagram to also explain the difference between synthetic versus natural DHA in tan, noting that Tan Organic uses natural DHA in its products coming from ingredients such as sugar beets and so, won’t be affected with the EU regulation change.

Good to know!

Right now it’s all systems go for many brands as they try to reformulate so they can keep their super popular products on sale without hindering the quality and colour. Will the outcome be what they’re hoping for post-April? We’re optimistic, but would recommend stocking up still if your favourite product is at jeopardy.