Woman Discovers ‘Secret Symbols’ On Zara Clothes To Help Find The Right Size

HOW did we miss this?!

Can I get a show of hands of how many people have been duped by Zara – and in fact any high street store’s sized. I’d imagine we’re all holding our hands high in the air right now.

Shopping can turn into mission impossible sometimes when your sizing is different in each store you go into, however, one TikTok user has you sorted if you’re a fan of Zara.

As it turns out, Zara has a rake of ‘hidden messages’ displayed on their clothes tags, all of which indicate how the item will fit. Explaining how they work, TikTok user @officallyoutfits showed us, the symbols they use are a triangle and a square with the triangle indicating that the sizing is small and you may need to size up and a square indicating that it’s true to size.

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Backing up her claims, another person took to the comments section to explain that a Zara worker told her why the sizing can be off and why it’s important to always look out for these symbols.

“The lady working on the register said anything with a triangle on it means you need to size up as their clothes are fitted based off European sizes”

Getting wind of the video’s claims, another user shared a gas TikTok of her looking through her wardrobe and shouting in disbelief as she spots all the symbols that slipped by her.

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So there you have it, our tiny minds are blown.