Women Have Been DIY’ing Their Nail Art And The Results Are Gorge

Who thought we'd come out of this quarantine as nail technicians

Nail appointments around the globe are being canceled left right and centre, and no, that’s not the most of our worries. But having acrylics hanging off our nailbeds certainly isn’t making this situation any easier.

There are Tik Tok tutorials on how to safely remove shellac and acrylics popping up all over the shop. But what happens when the pesky things are off and our nails are back to their ratchet, but natural state?

Well, with all this extra time on our hands (literally) women have been trying out some DIY nail art of their own. In most circumstances nail art should probably be left to the professionals for optimal results (and your sanity intact). But, as we know, stars can’t shine without darkness and us ladies, oh we have been shining BRIGHT.

Just one scroll on my Instagram feed leaves me with 5 more Inspo pictures to add to my saved reel. We’ve gone DIY nail mad, and the results and impressive to say the least.

From safe polka dots, unusual geometric prints and even tie-dye, the creative bar for nail art has been set high, and it seems as though pretty much anything goes.

It seems that there are no excuses for not giving nail art a try for yourself, as alongside their gorge grid shots, women have been sharing their tips and tricks for how they achieved their nails looks, see the v cool tie-dye effect below.


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So why not give it a try for yourself, and be sure to tag Stellar in your creations, we want all the inspo we can get!

Happy painting!



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