Women On Twitter Are Sharing Their #WeddingDressesWithPockets, And It’s A Bit Of A Revelation

Husband-to-be: "I like your dress" Me: "Thanks, it has pockets!!!"

If there is anything in life we love, like really really love it is dresses (or anything really) with pockets.

So, when the concept of wedding dresses with pockets started to trend on Twitter we had to take a breather as it was all just a little bit too much for us.

While wedding dresses with pockets are obviously not a new invention, it seems as though many people on Twitter are only discovering this amazing concept now and we are LOVING everyone’s reactions.


When one woman shared a picture of her friend on her wedding day appreciating the pockets built into her dress, it sparked off the hashtag #weddingdresswithpockets. The woman who shared the picture said:

STOP EVERYTHING so one of my friends got married yesterday and she had POCKETS ON HER WEDDING DRESS which is just the best thing I have ever seen.

Since then women far and wide have been sharing their very own wedding dresses with pockets and we now know that when we get married, they will be our top priority in a dress.


So much glamour, so much practicality, yas ladies.