7 Times Rachel Green Was Fashion Goals

The show served more than just laughs

It’s been quite a while since a brand new episode of the hugely popular Friends has appeared on our screens, 16 years and 29 days to be precise, not that we’re counting. And with all the quarantined time we have on our hands, we’ve been re-watching old episodes on repeat for roughly a month now. 

During our re-watching, we’ve noticed two things, in particular, Ross and Monica’s dad, Jack, is a seriously underrated character, and Rachel’s fashion choices were absolutely golden from start to finish. 

From her early 90s looks, right up to the cute mini skirt and high knee boot combo in the final episode, the Green always seems to get it right and what’s even better is, majority of the looks are probably even more lusted after today than they were 20 odd years ago. 

So, whether you’re looking for some retro 90s vibes to rock while you’re in isolation, or hoping to channel your inner girl-boss when we’re all back in the real world, here are the 7 times Rachel served us with the perfect fashion inspo. 

The One Where She Was Preppy 

Cher Horowitz, is that you? This turtleneck, check skirt and knee sock combo is just *chefs kisses*. Throw the same on with a pair of fun tights and you’re good to go in your Irish weather-proof lewk. 

The One Where She Was Isolation Chic 

Yes, this is how we judge clothes now if they’re isolation friendly or not. This look most definitely passes that test anyway and shows us that we can be both comfy and cute while chilling out. A queen. 

The One Where She Was Retro 

Giving us big Sharon Tate vibes, Rachel channeled her inner 70s chic here and we are absolutely here for it. The Green of the jumper perfectly mirrors the green check in the skirt, and she has just the right amount of skin on show to still remain sexy, we are not worthy. 

The One Where She Was A Goddess 

We all remember this one, where after a huge falling out with Ross she emerges looking drop-dead gorgeous and informs him that she isn’t wearing any knickers, saucy. But it seems that Green is more than just a surname for Rachel, it’s a way of life and a colour that she chooses to wear often. This mint-green number was one of her most iconic, and one we’re still drooling over to this day, knickers or not. 

The One Where She Layered 

If there’s one 90s trend that has come right back around in recent years it’s the t-shirt under a slip-dress trend, and for good reason. Here Rachel shows us how to be warm and chic and we thank her for it. 

The One Where She Was A Girl Boss 

While Rach gave us some fun, preppy looks, she also gave us some ‘take me serious I have an important job’ looks too. This one in particular sticks out for us mostly down to the modern twist she puts on a classic silhouette. The retro flares paired with the modern off-the-shoulder blouse is perfect, and the sharp shoe peeking out and necktie polish off the look spectactuarly. 

The One Where She Was Toddler Chic

Dunagrees is the one fashion piece that is a constant in this world. Your mam wore them in the 90s, now you wear them in the 2020s, and your own children are likely to be wearing them in 30 years time too. Rachel’s bold choice to style hers with a structured blazer and old tennis shoes is truly iconic, and one that firmly cements her place in the land of fashion gods.