Eek! Your Beauty Blender Could Be Loaded With Bacteria. Here’s How To Keep It Clean

They're the make-up tool of the moment, but if they're not cared for properly they can become loaded with bacteria and breakout-causing germs. Here's how to keep yours squeaky clean.

Blogger using a beauty blender

We’re mad for our Beauty Blenders right now, mostly because with a few quick dabs they seamlessly blend our make-up and give us a fresh, flawless finish. #Winning.

But as deadly as they are, Beauty Blenders and cosmetics sponges do require a particular set of care. Yuh-uh, in fact not looking after them right can lead to bad skin, breakouts and (eek!) mould.

So how do you ensure yours stays pristine clean?

Store it right

Beauty Blenders are ideally used moist, and sadly that creates a breeding ground for bacteria. So what’s the fix? Stuffing it into the dark confines of your make-up bag just won’t cut it. Instead, you’ll need to pop it into a breathable mesh bag, and avoid putting it anywhere dark. Pop it beside the bathroom sink, instead of sticking it into the bathroom cabinet.

Clean it properly

Cos Beauty Blenders make a deadly home for nasty germs, they need to be cleaned more often than your regular make-up brushes. Ideally, if you use yours on the daily, you’ll need to be giving it a thorough wash at least three times a week. To clean, grab a baby shampoo or a bottle of Beauty Blender’s own blendercleanser solid, and swirl the wet sponge in the soap, kinda like you would with your regular brushes. Next, rinse with cold water, squeeze out any excess and leave to dry out in a well ventilated room. Done.

Blender Cleanser Solid


Blendercleanser, €20.

Replace it

That little magic sponge won’t last forever (sob) and you’ll need to replace it roughly every three months. Any longer and it’s more prone to damage. To make sure yours goes the distance, be extra gentle when you’re cleaning it to keep rips and tears at bay. Sadlly though, if the sponge has become coarse or extra pourous, it’s time for the bin. Soz.