Your Summer Nail Colour Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The stars have aligned!

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The stars can help us with everything, from our love life right down to our nail colour.

So if you’re struggling for inspiration for your next manicure? We’ve got you – or actually, your star sign does. Here’s what colour you should paint your nails this summer based on your star sign.


Aries are all about passion, ambition and feeling fabulous. This summer is going to be a busy season for the fiery sign, and you should own it by opting for a classic shade of red.

The dramatic but simple nail colour will give you a boost of confidence and help you fully embody the lucky lunar energy of the summer.  Plus you look great in red!


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Taurus are all about luxury, but are also known for liking to take it easy. Keep it refined with a trustworthy French manicure, but indulge in your love of luxury by adding some sparkle.

In fact, there’s a new moon on the way this month, and this change will mean focusing on financial goals for our Taurus signs. So why not lean into this energy and make your nails glitter like gold? Who knows – you could end up attracting exactly what you’re looking for.


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Geminis can expect a vibrant and jam-packed summer. The season will start off with the sun, moon, Venus and Mercury all passing through your sign, so there’s plenty of exciting energy coming through. With all of this swirling energy comes a lot of decisions, which can be confusing for the indecisive Gemini.

Get rid of one decision you have to make by going for rainbow nails this summer. Painting each nail a different colour lets you have it all, and it will remind you to relax into your playful side. You deserve it!


Relax, put your feet up, and bathe in the sun. Cancers should embrace the chilled out vibes their summer. Starting by painting their nails a relaxing pastel purple.

Although the summer starts off with a lazy energy for all the Cancers, if you’re not careful this won’t last long. The changes in the moon throughout the Summer could light up some pretty hectic areas of your life – but everything will be okay if you remember to take it easy. Painting your nails a soft lavender will also remind you to just breathe!


Leo, you are on fire! Everything in your life is being propelled forward and you’re just going along for the ride. From your career to your love life, everything will be amplified this summer.

Jump head first into this intense and adventurous energy that’s bubbling up and opt for a bright orange nail colour this summer. Embrace your daring side, you gorgeous fire sign!


Always the perfectionist, Virgo’s are probably meticulously planning right now. (We’ll be surprised if you don’t have this months nail colour already picked out). To keep things on track with your well organised summer calendar, try a sweet blush pink. It’s the perfect summer staple, versatile and understated but still feminine and fun. Everything a Virgo is looking for.


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If we know Libra’s, we know you’ve got an itch for something – and we’re not just talking about a nail colour.

This summer, the sun’s energy will be opening up your mind and making you want to try new things. Go for it! Use your imagination and don’t be afraid of the unknown. Reflect on your desire to follow your dreams with a fresh and creative nail colour, like a romantic, opalescent pearl. It’s a neutral colour but also has a unique shimmer, a little reminder to step out of your comfort zone.


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Our pensive Scorpio, you tend to be a deep thinker – and that’s only going to intensify this summer. You are really getting in touch with your emotions this month and doing some work on yourself. With purple being the colour of intuition, you should lean into your introspection and try a warm plum this summer.

Reconnecting with nature is a great way to ground yourself, and matching the colour of the flowers is a sweet homage to enjoying your natural surroundings. We think you’ll blossom too!


Looks like Sagittarius will be experiencing some summer lovin’ this season. Whether it’s a romantic partner, reconnecting with friends, or embracing self-love, relationships are at the forefront of your mind this summer.

Wit mercury elevating your need to explore some heart-to-heart connections, why not send some of that loving energy out into the world with some earthy green nails to match your heart chakra. And who knows, maybe that fresh manicure will attract that special someone.


You should be feeling pretty balanced right now Capricorn. Everything is smooth sailing. You are getting some good work done in your career and you are also fitting in some well deserved down time. Don’t lose that passionate spark though! Why not keep those creative chooses flowing with some funky nail designs.

With Saturn and Jupiter working together this month, you can expect a burst of optimism. So colourful nails are just the thing to emphasise this fun energy and add a little something extra to your everyday life.


Remember who you are Aquarius. As an imaginative air sign, your head is always up in the clouds daydreaming and thinking up new ideas. During this busy time where your mind is being pulled in all directions, why not find a way to ground yourself and remember who you are.

Try painting your nails a calming light blue. You can even throw in some cute cloud designs if you are feeling really creative. With all the new perspectives being thrown at you by the moon and Pluto, try not to lose yourself. Look down at those summer nails and be happy in your own shoes.


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It looks like the summer season is going to be a bit of rollercoaster for you Pisces. With some extreme highs and lows on your way its probably best to pick a nice neutral shade for your nails to have some grounding stability in your life.

Don’t worry though, the summer solstice peaks your creative mind and pushes you forward in all areas of life. So you can definitely spice up those neutral nails with some dainty gems just for when you want a little extra attention.


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